Since 1995, JBC-Agencies is a company for DMC and Travel representations and services, which provides exclusive travel and tourism representations to the Travel Industry (B2B).

Concentrated on the markets in the Benelux and Scandinavian countries, Finland and the Baltic States via its marketing, sales, PR and communication services.

JBC-Agencies, represents 3 DMC offices in Havana, Panama City, Bogota and Exclusive specialized incentive DMC’s  for Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize, but also Great Brazil Express (luxury train in Brazil), AuroraEco (exclusive luxury tours in South America) and Blue Water Journey  (discovery cruises in Colombia)


Vacature Reserveringsmedewerker


Ben je afgestuurd aan bijvoorbeeld TIO of NHTV en wil je ervaring opdoen bij een business to business organisatie in de reisindustrie? Wij zijn per direct opzoek naar een Junior Medewerker Reserveringen voor in ieder geval 2 maanden. Check onderstaande link!

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Newsletter 18.04.2013


JBC-Agencies presents World Cub Footbal 2014 in Brazil, diving in Colombia, a very special offer for a beach holiday in Cuba, Motorcycle tours in Costa Rica and much more.

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JBC-Agencies offers an variety of tours in different countries on a special and excellent way, but also tailor made! JBC- Agencies is a familiar address for different large tour operators and Incentives tours in the Benelux, the Scandinavian countries, Finland and the Baltic States. Since 1995 we have been active in Cuba, we were the first in Panama since 2007 and since 2010 we started in Colombia! JBC-Agencies can be seen as “The” specialist in Middle-and Latin America.

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Since 1995 the Cuba specialist with all knowledge of the cultural and colonial aspects of this beautiful country. The island of rum, cigars and salsa. This is not just another island getaway, this is Cuba!


An amazing country with snow peaks and deep blue tropical water. Located between two oceans and the Amazon in the South, Colombia shows a huge variety in nature, but also in culture. The only risk is wanting to stay!


The bridge between the America’s. Well known by the Panama Canal, but there is so much more to enjoy: modern and colonial cities, Indian tribes and the most expensive coffee in the world. Panama, the path less travelled.


Exclusive collection of surprising trips. Personalized sportive and cultural tours. AuroraEco, a guaranteed experience of a lifetime in 7 countries in South America! Our unique discovery cruises in Colombia with Blue Water Journeys.